My name is Stephanie Deily.  I am a stay at home mom of 3 beautiful children.

My passion for baking and cake decorating started when I was young.  I always asked my mother if I could make and decorate my own birthday cakes.  I remember sitting at our kitchen table piping designs on my cakes and when complete posing for a photograph next to my creation.  As I got older I never lost my desire to create beautiful cakes.  I was obsessed with the cake shows on the food network.  When my oldest turned 1, even though I had never worked with fondant, decided I could make her a beautiful fondant covered birthday cake.  I started making cakes and sugar cookies for my children’s birthdays.  When my middle child(youngest at the time) started kindergarten, a friend told me I should start sharing my talents and make cakes and cookies for others.  I slowly started an at home business in 2014.  I took a little time off to enjoy some time when my youngest was born in 2016.  I now offer custom crafted confections.  My newest passion is creating custom cupcake flavors inspired from crazy things like kale smoothies and salads to classic desserts.